A Family Owned Business

How we started

I already have this passion in baking since I was a child. At that time I helped my sister, Mana Belen, in baking cakes. I was then responsible to deliver them to the school and office canteens nearby our shop. I saw my sister to be earning well.

This passion inspired me to take a course related to baking and managing. So, when I worked in Goldilocks as a Store Manager, it made me realize that my passion in baking could be my leeway to put up business of my own in line with it.

While I was still working for my career ladder in the corporate world, I had started my home-baking made-to-order business by sharing it to my circle of friends, posting online advertisements and participating in the different local bazaars during my free time. Gradually, I noticed the increase of orders from various clients and the growth of extra income. From this innovative response to the ever-increasing need for time and focus, I finally decided to resign from my job after 10 years of service. As what they say, “Nasa pagnenegosyo ang pag-asenso.”

Admittedly not even a baking enthusiast, I took effort to learn hands-on all I needed to know about the baking business and laid down my own business concept: to supply freshly home-made cakes and pastries to catering services, restaurants, school canteen, office canteen and special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and any other gatherings.
Today, Four M’s Cake and Pastry Shop has a continually growing home-based family business with major clients. Continuing to thrive with strategic innovations, Four M’s Cake and Pastry Shop went through an image makeover to match its business success. Aiming to satisfy the higher expectations of the modern customers who know what they want in the cakes and pastries that they buy, product development keeps pace with improved classic favorites and new offerings.

A real example of success through hard work and shared commitment, Four M’s Cake and Pastry Shop keeps serving distinctively delicious, freshly-baked, high quality cakes and pastries in the only way it knows how – with love and care! Indeed, at 14 years and on-wards  Four M’s Cake and Pastry Shop maintains its commitment to satisfy its current clients and future partners.



Four M’s Cake and Pastry Shop has been derived from the names of our four Kids whose names all begin with letter “M”. This was established in 2002 in Marikina City, Philippines. Since then, we have been baking and creating customized Cakes and Pastries for all occasions to a wide variety of clients within Metro Manila, nearby provinces and even abroad [OFWs] where-in they can order from their current country and we delivered it to their love-ones address here in the Philippines.